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Willowday gästar | Pysselbolaget

I’m Gina from Willowday and I’m so happy to come visit you with today’s DIY Koala Banks that are made with recycled materials. I’m an ex-pat American designer, illustrator, artist and mother, making a happy + playful home in Sweden, with my French-Swedish husband and 3 our kids who inspired me daily between city and sea.

Karin was the very first blogger I ever met, as I began Willowday in 2013, where I share everyday creativity + now, more and more artwork.  Thank you Karin + Freja for the constant stream of creativity, elevating crafting and fostering a creative community.

Willowday gästar | Pysselbolaget
Karin’s decision to work with recycling and sustainability in 2020 inspired me to use this in today’s craft: DIY Koala Banks for you to make with your own two hands, too!

Willowday gästar | Pysselbolaget Willowday gästar | Pysselbolaget

  • 1 cylander can with plastic lid. I used tennis ball cans but, you can find similar shapes in the grocery store, too: hint: chips
  • Adhesive: I used double-sided tape but you can also use craft glue or a cool temp glue gun
  • Craft Paper. I used both solid craft paper and painted paper.
  • Cutting tool: I find it easiest to cut using an xacto knife.
Willowday gästar | PysselbolagetEmbellishment ideas:

Embellishments can be made cut from paper cut. I used coloured paper and paint but, you could consider cutting shapes from recycled magazines to create Koalas and other animals, too.

Paper can be glued outside the cylinder OR on the inside for a water-proof option.

Another material that works well is duct + washi tape.
Willowday gästar | Pysselbolaget

Willowday gästar | Pysselbolaget

I look forward to following along here at Pysselbolaget and don’t be shy to stop by Willowday to say hello, too + share what you create, too. I love to see what you do with my tutorials.

Thank you, Pysselbolaget.

Willowday Wishes, Gina

Willowday gästar | Pysselbolaget——

We are so happy to have you, Gina! Thank you so much for this adorable craft project!

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    21 January, 2020 at 11:33 am

    Thank you so much for sharing these Karin. I’m a continuous fan of all that you do and love the theme and exploration of this year ! (recycled and sustainability)

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    DIY Koala Banks - willowday
    21 January, 2020 at 2:00 pm

    […] these in the spirit of community and collaboration. You can find the full tutorial for these at Pysselbolaget. I was pleased to join Karin + Freya was a project and was inspired to create this DIY Koala Banks […]

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