Make Cardboard Mats for messy crafts

Cardboard placemats

Fun craft projects can be messy crafts projects. Sometimes one doesn’t want a sticky mess on ones kitchen table. We’ve made simple mats of cardboard for times like that. Check it out.

Cardboard placemats 2

You need large pieces of cardboard, we use old moving boxes, washi tape and self adhesive covering film. Actually, you don’t need to decorate the cardboard, but we can’t help ourselves.

Cardboard placemats 3

The covering film makes the cardboard mats easy to clean and they can be used many times. Cut a piece that is about 5 cm larger than the box on all directions. The film can be difficult to get on smoothly. It requires a lot of patience and more than one pair of hands. The self adhesive covering film will crease, but a few small creases is okey. Fold the excess plastic over and stick it to the back.

Cardboard placemats 4

The mats are easy to move around and easy to place on tables or in the grass. And, maybe best of all is that everyone can get their very own, right!

Cardboard placemats 5

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