Easy Felt Wall Banners

Wall Banner Wall Banners with wise words and fun messages can be very decorative and easy to make. We were inspired by this beauty and we use felt fabric and glue, and no sewing machine! The hardest part of this craft is to choose a great message.Wall Banner2

You need felt fabric, craft glue, scissors, pencil, a piece of paper, barbecue stick and a string of yarn.Wall Banner3

1. Cut a banner in one color and decide on a different color for the letters. We draw the letters on a piece of paper first. This way we can lay out the letters on the banner and see that they fit before we cut the fabric. Then cut the letters in the felt fabric. Wall Banner4 Wall Banner5

2. Glue the letters on the banner with craft glue. When all the letters are glued on, turn the banner over. Apply a line of glue in the upper edge of the fabric, place the barbecue stick under the glue and then fold the fabric over the barbecue stick. When all the glue has dried, we tie a piece of yarn on both sides of the stick for hanging.Wall Banner6

Our encouraging banners are done! What would you write on yours? Wall Banner7

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