Make your own Mincraft Mask

Minecraft mask

Making masks are fun, especially big ones. Today we make a Minecraft mask from a regular paper bag and colored paper, a craft project first featured in our Swedish craft book Pyssla med Mig!

Minecraft mask2

You need a paper bag, paper in different shades of green, glue and scissors.
Start by cutting a bunch of paper squares in different shades of green. Each square need to be large enough so that eight squares covers the width of the bag. The squares can also be cut from green magazine pages, or paint shades of green on white paper and then cut them out.

Glue the squares, one by one, on the bag until the bag is covered. Do not forget to leave a few boxes empty for the eyes. Let the glue dry.

Minecraft mask3

When all the pieces are in place, it’s time to cut out holes for the eyes. Use sharp scissors and carefully cut up squares for eyes. Done!

Minecraft mask4

Have a good and crafty weekend!

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