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Today we want to talk about colors and paint! It’s something I’ve looked forward to for a long time. I’m pretty conservative in my everyday choice of color, but Freja has taught me the pleasure of adding color to our crafts. All the wonderful colors on the blog is Freja’s doings – but I’m learning! Check out what kind of paints we use, and what we like to do with it.

Craft paint2

Lets start with the paint we use the most – acrylic paint. Water-based acrylic paint is worth spending a little extra money on because it is so useful. It can be used on most materials and it covers even dark objects. We love to use bright colors in thick layers, and we paint on cardboard, lids, toilet rolls, plastic animals, egg cartons and much, much more.

Acrylic paint can also be mixed. Buy red and white and mix your own pink. Acrylic paint is available in matte or glossy, for indoor or outdoor use in a variety of brands.


Craft paint3

Watercolors is probably the kind paint that most people have at home. Small sets can be found in both supermarkets, toy stores and hobby shops. Watercolors are easy to use and easy to wash off from clothes and hands. We use watercolors to paint on paper. Unfortunately, watercolors doesn’t work on cardboard, for example on cereal boxes or toilet rolls. The paint doesn’t stick to the untreated surface and will smear off. Also the water in the paint will cause the untreated cardboard surface to shrink and bend.

Vimplar4To upcycle and transform clothes and fabrics with fabric paint is fun and easy. Print patterns on shirts, garlands or canvas shoes. Print with potato, toilet rolls or stencils. The paint can be fixed with an iron and is available for both light and dark fabrics.

Craft paint4

We have also tested blackboard paint and magnetic paint on the blog, but there are other speciela paints out there; leather paint, porcelain paint and glass paint for example. Blackboard paint works great on boxes, milk cartons and toilet rolls as well as on traditional blackboards. Magnetic paint is a little different. The can of paint is really heavy. This is because the color is mixed with tiny metal shavings and it’s these that make the paint magnetic. It is important to stir the paint often when painting with it. The metal shavings sink to the bottom fast.

Here are some of our colorful projects:


Faux Trophy Heads


Candle Plates


Cardboard Shelf

Geometric art PB okt 2014 7

Geometric Art

Printed shues6

Pretty Printed Shoes

Napkin rings PB okt 2014 7

Napkin Rings


Blackboard Diy

magnetic wall

Magnetic Wall

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