12 Creative Halloween Craft

Halloween roundup 2015

It is October and we’re approaching Halloween! A time of year we love because we get to do lots of crafts. The rest of this month we’ll fill the blog with creative crafts for Halloween, but today we have rounded up some of our past favorites. Read and enjoy!

1. The scull piniata is from our very own book. Read more about it here.

2. Tiny Shirt Ghosts

3. The gold garland is also from our book.

4. Hankerchief Ghosts

5. Spooky lanterns

6. Bat Pegs

7. Brilliant Bats

8. Ghost Garland

9. Napkin Rings

10. Halloween houses

11. Pumpkin Garland

12. More Hankerchief Ghosts

Happy October!


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