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TCCS road trip 2 14 Day two of our trip (Day one here) through Västergötland, took us to the little sweet village Nossebro. One day in 1969 the owner of Nossebro Electrical Business locked the door to the old shop, to open a new one across the street, and everything in the store was left untouched for over 40 years. Today the store occasionally opens as a museum. Marianne Johansson told us all about electrical appliances and habits from the time when the shop was up and running.

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Everything has been left just like it was when the owner walked out. Receipts, calendars and empty boxes tell tales about what was expensive, exclusive and important in 1969. Turntables, electrical appliances and light bulbs are on display to attract conscious buyer of that time.

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More about Nossebro Electrical Business can be found here: Nossebro Elektriska Affär.

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Our last visit on our trip went to the retro apartment “Second floor”, also in Nossebro. The apartment is furnished and decorated with things from the -50, -60 and -70’s. It serves as a museum, but is run by a nonprofit organization. But the apartment doesn’t have a museum feeling to it at all – it’s like someone lives there. It could have been me! I grew up in an appartment just like this one and I recognize many of the things from my own childhood.

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I can not help but marvel at our parents’ courage when it came to color and pattern. Most Swedes, well known for our cleen and cool style, have grown up with this – colors and pattern in a wonderful mix! Maybe it’s time for a new Nordic style!

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More on Second floor in Nossebro here: Andra våningen. TCCS road trip 2 13

If you’d like to read more from our trip visit Gina at Willowday, Lina at Lina by the Bay, Helena at Mormorsglamour, Helena at Craft & Creativity och Sofia at Hildas Hem. It’s been a lovely trip and I’m already looking forward to the next. Where do you think we should go?

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