A walk down memory lane

TCCS road trip 2 14 Day two of our trip (Day one here) through Västergötland, took us to the little sweet village Nossebro. One day in 1969 the owner of Nossebro Electrical Business locked the door to the old shop, to open a new one across the street, and everything in the store was left untouched for over 40 years. Today the store occasionally opens as a museum. Marianne Johansson told us all about electrical appliances and habits from the time when the shop was up and running.

TCCS road trip del 2TCCS road trip 2 6

Everything has been left just like it was when the owner walked out. Receipts, calendars and empty boxes tell tales about what was expensive, exclusive and important in 1969. Turntables, electrical appliances and light bulbs are on display to attract conscious buyer of that time.

TCCS road trip del 22TCCS road trip 2 5

More about Nossebro Electrical Business can be found here: Nossebro Elektriska Affär.

TCCS road trip del 23TCCS road trip 2 24

Our last visit on our trip went to the retro apartment “Second floor”, also in Nossebro. The apartment is furnished and decorated with things from the -50, -60 and -70’s. It serves as a museum, but is run by a nonprofit organization. But the apartment doesn’t have a museum feeling to it at all – it’s like someone lives there. It could have been me! I grew up in an appartment just like this one and I recognize many of the things from my own childhood.

TCCS road trip del 2.2TCCS road trip 2 22

I can not help but marvel at our parents’ courage when it came to color and pattern. Most Swedes, well known for our cleen and cool style, have grown up with this – colors and pattern in a wonderful mix! Maybe it’s time for a new Nordic style!

TCCS road trip 2 17TCCS road trip del 24

More on Second floor in Nossebro here: Andra våningen. TCCS road trip 2 13

If you’d like to read more from our trip visit Gina at Willowday, Lina at Lina by the Bay, Helena at Mormorsglamour, Helena at Craft & Creativity och Sofia at Hildas Hem. It’s been a lovely trip and I’m already looking forward to the next. Where do you think we should go?

On the road with the Creative Collective Sweden

TCCS road trip

(photo Sofia Brolin, Hildas Hem)

I am a very lucky lady. I get to surround myself with wonderful and creative people. My little craft companion Freja is of course number one. But on second place, very close to first, are the bloggers of the network The Creative Collective Sweden. Last year we made a very inspiring trip to Dalarna and now it’s time again. This time we went to Västergötland, in the west of Sweden. My traveling companions are Gina from Willowday, Lina from Lina by the Bay, Helena from Mormorsglamour, Helena from Craft & Creativity and the photographer Sofia from Hildas Hem. TCCS road trip 21 TCCS road trip2

Up first was a visit to Borås Wallpaper. Anders and Mikaela taught us all about the company and then let us loose in the factory. Borås Wallpaper was founded by Waldemar Andrén in 1905 and is today the leading wallpaper brand in the Nordic. Along with Cole & Son, Eco Wallpaper and Mr Perswall they aim to become the leading international supplier in the premium segment for wallpaper. Not bad!TCCS road trip 16

It’s still very Swedish however, in a good way. The whole production takes place here, from the beautiful design to final print and the factory produces 25000 rolls wallpaper daily. Much of the craftmanship has also been retained. All colors are mixed by hand and new machines stand next to machines from the early 1900s.

TCCS road trip3 In the design studio Ulrika Hurtig and Sissa Sundling works hard to give us plenty of options for our future walls. Their commitment is impressive and they spoke with great entusiasm of colors, patterns and the joy of wallpaper. And the craftmanship in design is stunning as well. The original prints are still painted by hand and we almost lost their breath when we got to see some of them. Unfortunately we could not take pictures in the studio, as tabels and walls were covered with futire and as of yet secret collections. You will not be disappointed when you see them, I can promise you that much. TCCS road trip 14

New this year is an anniversary collection. Borås Wallpaper is celebrating 110 years this year by showing the best from different eras. A bunch of gorgeous patterns have been brought out from the archives and will now be taken in production again. Among them wonderful Flora from the 50s and, my favorite, Jordgubbe (Strawberry) from the glorious 70s. TCCS road trip4

We left Borås Wallpaper filled with colors, patterns and wallpaper samples. Next stop was Sofia’s home and dinner, but we made time for a detour to Gräfsnäs castles and spring flower bonanza.TCCS road trip 2TCCS road trip5TCCS road trip 3

Sofia, our host, is also known for her fantastic blog Hildas Hem (Hilda’s Home). Ever since she started the blog, Sofia has generously shared pictures of their beautiful house, the lush garden and their country life. Letting in a bunch of creative blogger in the house can be risky. We could not behave, but ran around like dizzy chickens with our cameras. I’ve chosen to show only a few pictures from Sofia’s home. Check out Sofia’s blog if you want to see more. It’s lovely, I can tell you that much. TCCS road trip 4

More on the trip in the next post!

Pretty Pasta Pendants

Pasta Pendants Pysselbolaget

Did you know that pasta is excellent as craft material? We will prove it today! The Macaroni Challenge – a challenge beyond the ordinary start now. The group Rockin’ Art Moms, with of bloggers from the United States, Australia, Ireland and Sweden (read more here), will today post solely on crafts with pasta. You can find links to all the Rockin’ Art Moms wonderful pasta projects at the bottom of this post. On Pysselbolaget we make colorful pasta pendants.

Pasta Pendants Pysselbolaget2

We made two different pendants and to make them you need pasta tubes and pasta butterflies, yarn, big beads, acrylic paint, a paint brush and contact adhesive glue.

Pasta Pendants Pysselbolaget3

1. We start with Freja pendant! Sort out 8 straight pieces of pasta tubes and paint them with acrylic paint. Freja made a drying rack for her pasta tubes out of barbecue sticks and clay. I choose to dry mine the old fashioned way.

Pasta Pendants Pysselbolaget4

2. Thread a piece of yarn through two of the pasta tubes. Then paste together the pasta tubes in a chevron pattern starting from the bottom. Finish of with the tubes with yarn. Let it dry.

Pasta Pendants Pysselbolaget5

Pasta Art!

Pasta Pendants Pysselbolaget6

3. To my pendant do you need, besides pasta butterfly, also yarn, acrylic paint and a bead. Start by painting the pasta butterfly with acrylic paint.

Pasta Pendants Pysselbolaget7

4. Then make a simple tassel of yarn as shown.

Pasta Pendants Pysselbolaget8

5. Tie the tassel to the pasta butterfly and finish off with a bead. Go crazy and make more!

Pasta Pendants Pysselbolaget9

We are very pleased with our pasta necklaces but there is so much more one can make with pasta. Take a virtual tour around the world and check out what the rest of the talented Rockin’ Art Moms have come up with!


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Woluld you like to share you own cool pasta project? the Rockin’ Art Moms are opening the Macaroni Challenge for everyone to join! Share your unique pasta creations on Instagram, Twitter, or at The Rockin’ Art for Kids Facebook Page and use the hashtag #themacaronichallenge.

The Macaroni Challenge ends on May 3 and during the week we will share some of our favorites on our Facebook Pages.

All projects posted on the The Rockin Art for Kids Facebook Page will be entered in an amazing Rockin’ Art Moms Book  Giveaway. ENTRIES RESTRICTED TO RESIDENTS OF THE US AND CANADA ONLY. The winner will be selected at random from the entries and announced on Instagram and the Rockin’ Art for Kids Facebook page on Sunday May 3, 2015.

Pasta Pendants Pysselbolaget 10

Unleash your pasta creativity and join us!