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Printable Summer Fruit Fortune Tellers

Fortune tellers

The other day I was talking to a friend about summer activities for the kids. We talked about how easy the kids end up by a computer when they run out of ideas of what to do. One idea we came up with was to make fortune tellers with fun summer activities, for example ”go for a swim”, “skip rope”, “read” or perhaps ”bake”!

Fortune tellers 2

For those of you who like the idea, I have designed summer fortune tellers to print out. Patterns and numbers are included. All you need to do is print, fold and fill them with activities.

Fortune tellers 3

You can choose between three different summer fruit fortune tellers; watermelon, kiwi or lemon.

If you don’t remember how to fold a fortune teller, check out our tutorial video! Or give the paper to your children.

Fortune tellers 4
Fortune tellers 5

When the fortune tellers are folded, simply fill them with activities! What sort of activities will you fill yours with?

Fortune tellers 6

Make a Candy Cactus!


One of my favorit projects from our book Pyssla med mig is the Candy Cactus. Helena from Craft and Creativity and her daughter brought one over for Freja a while ago and it was a success. I used to make these when I was a kid, but had forgotten how fun they were to make – and give. These two are for Freja’s teachers. They go really well in our new watermelon pots, don’t you think!