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En julklapp till er – ladda ner vår julkalender!


Jag hoppas att ni följer The Creative Collective Swedens julkalender. Varje dag i december presenteras ett nytt inspirerande projekt – något att skapa, baka eller bara göra i förberedelse för en strålande kreativ jul. Kalendern vandrar mellan oss och vi hoppas ni hänger med.


Make tissue paper lanterns


This time of year we light loads of candles. Long candles, short candles, colorful and white. Lanterns made of a glass jars are fun and easy to make.  Today we dress our glass jars in tissue paper. It is not difficult, but takes a little patience. Tissue paper is thin and breaks easily, but the lantern gives off a wonderful glow just because paper is so delicate.


Day 3: Copper Pipe Washi Tape Dispenser


Welcome to Pysselbolaget, aka The Crafty Swedes! I hope you payed a visit to Brittany at The House That Lars Built yesterday. She is the first amazing guest in the Creative Collective Sweden Christmas Calendar. Thank you so much for a wonderful post, Brittany. Today is the third day in December. Gifts will soon be wrapped and the tape will be used. In our home we love to use washi tape, especially around Christmas time. Washi tape is available in numerous designs and colors – and the rolls have a tendency to spread throughout the house. So, today we make a simple tape dispenser for our collections of washi tape rolls.