Paper Plate Maracas

Paper plate maracas PB aug 2014 1

A week ago I and I Freja got hang to with Slöjdklubben (a craft club for kids) at a family party in Hågelbyparken in Botkyrka. During the day you could ride on ponies, meet firefighters, listen to Sean Banan and Panetoz, dance, do graffiti and much, much more.

Paper plate maracas PB aug 2014 2

In our tent the table was set for a crafting feast and all the children got to do things that rattle and flutter, which is useful when listening to Sean Banan and Panetoz. One of the things we did was a maracas out of paper plates. It’s so easy to make and so fun to use that Freja and her friends decided to do a few more when we got home. Check it out!

Paper plate maracas PB aug 2014 3

You need paper plates, acrylic paint and a brush or other things to decorate with, a stapler and something to fill you with maracas. We have used pumpkin seeds, but rice or dried beans works as well. We have also used a hole punch and scraps of yarn.

Paper plate maracas PB aug 2014 4

1. Start by decorating your maracas. Each maracas need two plates and the girls paint theirs using acrylic paint.

Paper plate maracas PB aug 2014 5

2. Let the paint dry.

Paper plate maracas PB aug 2014 6

3. Once the paint has dried staple the plates together using the stapler. Do not forget to fill your maracas before closing it completely. You can also make holes around the plates with a punch. Then tie on scraps of yarn for extra flutter!

Paper plate maracas PB aug 2014 8

And now – turn on the music and the dancing! Have fun!

Paper plate maracas PB aug 2014

Birds on a wire

Birds on wire PB aug 2014 1

Those of you who follow us on Instagram may have seen Freja’s redecorated calendar last week. She punched out circles of pretty papers and glued them to the front and back of her book. Leftover after the project was a whole bunch of colorful paper circles and I, as you might know, find it hard to throw stuff. Today, we turn the leftover colorful paper circles into birds on a wire, and let them decorate a branch from the garden.

Birds on wire PB aug 2014 2

We have used colorful paper, a circle punch (you can of course cut circles with a scissor too), scissors, glue, yarn and a dry branch.

Birds on wire PB aug 2014 3

1. We begin by wrapped yarn around parts of the branch. Add glue to the part you want to decorate, and then wrap the yarn around it. Secure the end with a little extra glue.

Birds on wire PB aug 2014 4

2. Now it’s time to do something with the circles. We had some that were already punched out, but we needed to do some more. The circles gets folded in half and some of them we turn into birds. Wings and beak are cut from a circle in a different color and then glued on.

Birds on wire PB aug 2014 5

3. Finally, we glue the circles around a piece of yarn, with the birds placed at evenly between the regular circles.

Birds on wire PB aug 2014 6

The yarn wire is then hung on the branch and the project is completed! A boring branch and some colorful circles is now a nice decoration to Freja’s room.

The solid color papers are from the web shop Make&Create and the patterned from Rie Elise Larsen.

Birds on wire PB aug 2014 7

Make a Flower Mandala

Flower mandala PB aug 2014 1

After an amazing summer autumn is now slowly creeping upon us. It’s a bit chilly in the morning, it’s a bit darker in the evening and the flowers in the garden begins to slowly wither. We decided to pick some of ours and made a mandala. By taking pictures of them our mandalas became beautiful cards to send to loved ones.

Flower mandala PB aug 2014 2

You need flowers, leaves and a white paper. If you like turn them into cards you also need access to a camera and a color printer.

Flower mandala PB aug 2014 3

1. Begin by carefully picking the petals from the flowers.

Flower mandala PB aug 2014 4

2. Then place the petals in patterns on a white sheet of paper. Move the leaves around until you are happy. Beautiful, don’t you think!

Flower mandala PB aug 2014 5

You can of course enjoy your mandala as they are until the leaves wilted. Or do as we – take a picture of your mandalas and print them out as cards. Fun to make, fun at give away!

Need more floral inspiration? We follow Hanna Wendelbo on instagram – do the same!

Flower mandala PB aug 2014 6