Make Gumball Machine Christmas Ornaments


This time of year I see many good ideas on how to recycle Christmas ornaments. To recycle old Christmas ornaments is not only good for the economy, it is also good for the environment. Today we turn a couple of dull white ornaments into sweet gumball machine ornaments. Check it out!


We use old white Christmas ornaments, an egg carton, scissors, acrylic paint and a brush. We also use glue and Q-tips. Yes, you heard it – Q-tips.


The base for gumball machine we cut out of an egg carton. We use the middle section of the egg carton and cut it to the right height.

Our Christmas ornaments are white, but if you have ornaments in other colors you might want to paint them white first. Then we paint gumballs in various colors using Q-tips. Q-tips are fun to paint with and they make perfect size circles for our gumballs.

We also paint the base with acrylic paint.


Last, we paint the top of the Christmas ornament in the same color as the base and glue the ornament and egg carton base together.


That’s it! Our old Christmas ornaments are now sweet gumball machines to decorate the Christmas tree. Do you have any good ideas on how to recycle Christmas ornaments, please let us know! It’s so much fun to hear from you.

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