Make a Doughnut Candle Holder


This year we make delicious candle holders out of old cake tins for Christmas! Perhaps it’s not the most Christmassy motive, but we like it a lot. Check it out!


You need old cake tins, wooden beads, candle cups, long sharp screws, hobby paint and a brush. You will also need a small hammer.


First make four small holes in the cake tin. The metal in the tins are often soft and easy to make holes in. Make sure the holes ends up evenly and make them small.


Now it’s time to paint! Freja wants her candle holder doughnut colored so she paints the whole tin brown first. I choose to let the metal show and only painted the frosting. With a small brush we paint on sprinkles in different colors.




The wooden beads goes on barbecue sticks and we paint them in matching colors.


Once all the paint is dry it’s time to skew on the wooden beads and the candle cups to the cake tin. Since the holes are small, it can be a bit hard to tighten the screws, but it also makes the construction stable when.


If your holes have become too large you can put a small piece of wood inside the cake tin and let the screw go into it.


There you go! This year’s delicious Candle Holders are done – just in time for the first Advent. I suspect that they will be used even after Christmas. What do you think?

candle-holder-10 candle-holder-11

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