The competition is on!


First I need to apologize to you, all our international readers. The past weeks most of our post have been i Swedish, and it will continue until the 7th of October. Freja and I are running a campaign to raise money for the Swedish organization Världens barn (the children of the world). Please, bear with us, after the 7th of October I promise everything will be back to normal. Today we’d like to share a piggy bank Freja made for the campaign. You may have seen our previous piggy bank. I have to admit it was mostly me who made that piggy bank. Freja wanted to make her own and now we are competing who can raise the most money.


Freja used a glass jar and tissue paper. She glued strips of tissue paper in various colors around the jar. The lid she made from a balloon. Simple and smart, right!


A piece of the glass jar was left without tissue paper. On that piece Freja drew a scale from “Just ok” to “Incredible”. So now the competition is on – who will raise the most money? If you follow us on Instagram may have seen that Freja has her own way to ensure that the coins ends up in her piggy bank …

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