Wood Bead Bottle Tops

Bottle top 1

I often find beautiful crafts projects made by talented creators that I want to try myself. Today I’ll show you one of those projects. Amazing Melissa on the blog Mama Miss has a post on how she rolls wooden beads in paint. The result is amazing and we just had to try it. Visit her post, but first – check out our result.

Bottle top 2

We use large wooden beads, acrylic paint, an aluminum tray and pretty ribbon.

Bottle top 3

First we pour out some paint in the aluminum tray. Then we put the bead in the tray and roll it around! This way the paint is mixed in a beautiful and rough way around the bead. It is a fun process and the result is amazing. We chose two quite similar colors, but you can mix any colors.

Bottle top 4

Melissa used their beads to make necklaces. We have a different idea of ​​what to use our beads for. We tread a looped ribbon through the bead …

Bottle top 5

… and use it as a bottle top for the glass bottles we store plastic beads in. Smart, don’t you think!

Bottle top 6 Bottle top 8

The bottles are from Ikea and accommodates our pearl treasures. We keep them visible on a shelf because they are pretty, but now it’s extra fun to have them on dispaly.

Bottle top 7

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