Folded Paper Angels

Folded Paper Angels

Crafting with paper for Christmas is not just fun, it’s also practical. This time of year benches and tables are full of gift paper and pastries, advent calendars and candlesticks. For today’s folded angels you only need a few small sheets of paper and a corner of the kitchen table to work by. You can use almost any paper – wrapping paper, copy paper, or why not comics!

Folded Paper Angels2

You need paper in different colors or patterns, thin ribbons or string, scissors.

Folded Paper Angels3

Start by cutting two pieces of paper. Cut pieces are 20 x 13 cm and 15 x 15 cm. Accordion fold both sheets along the long sides. Hold the pleated bundles together and fold them in half. Tie a ribbon or string around the folded top.

Folded Paper Angels4

The folded top has the form of a small head and the pleated paper will serve as dress and wings. If you want to hang the angel on the Christmas tree, thread a string through the folded top.

Folded Paper Angels5

The Angels have different looks depending on the paper combinations. Use different colors or just one, patterned paper or solid colored. How will you make yours?

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