Octopus Easter Eggs

Octopus Eggs Pysselbolaget 1 We love traditions and we happily paint easter eggs each year. Last year we dyed eggs in egg color and got cool egg with attitude. This year we paint the eggs with watercolor and turn them into cute octopuses.

Octopus Eggs Pysselbolaget 2

You need boiled eggs, watercolors, marker pen, wool beads, needle and thread.

Octopus Eggs Pysselbolaget 3

1. Make sure the eggs are hard boiled and cool before you start. Then paint the eggs with watercolor. Be careful with the color even after it has dried. It will rub off on hands and fingers. The good thing with watercolors for children is it’s non-toxic and it is something you might already have at home. Once the color has dried, draw a pair of eyes on the egg with a marker pen.

Octopus Eggs Pysselbolaget 4

2. Now it’s time to make the squid tentacles. We use soft wool beads and sew them together with needle and thread. It takes 8 wool beads to get a ring of tentacles and wool beads can be found here.

Octopus Eggs Pysselbolaget 5

3. When the ring of tentacles is finished, simply place the egg in the middle.

Octopus Eggs Pysselbolaget 6

Our eggs got painted in different colors and they’ve all got matching tentacles.

Octopus Eggs Pysselbolaget 7

We’re having octopus eggs for easter in our family this year. Do you paint your eggs?

Octopus Eggs Pysselbolaget 8


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