25 creative days of Christmas


What would December be without a Christmas Calendar and what would Christmas be without a Christmas tree, ornaments, gifts, Christmas dinner, sweet treats and lovely traditions? This year, get a daily dose of creativity with our creative Christmas calendar – 25 Creative Days.

25 Creative Days is an advent calendar full of inspiration for a more creative holiday season. Each day in December, the calendar will lead you to a new project or recipe, something to make, bake or do in preparation for a perfect Scandinavian Christmas. The Christmas calendar is presented by The Creative Collective – a network of like-minded creative bloggers in Sweden. Spanning design, crafts and DIY, interiors, food and baking, and lifestyle, the Creative Collective offers a uniquely Scandinavian esthetic and point of view.

The creative collective3
So how does it work? Every day, one blog in the Creative Collective will show you something Christmasy and inspirational, and then hand over to another blog in the network. Readers will get 25 new, creative projects and get to know new blogs with different styles. The countdown to Christmas has never been more creative!
December will look like this:

1 Pysselbolaget.se

2 Mormorsglamour

3 Craft & Creativity

4 Hildas Hem

5 Hemma med Helena

6 Made by Mary

7 Djura Bok & Pappersverkstad

8 Pastill

9 Mormorsglamour

10 Lina by the bay

11 Mini Piccolini

12 Djura Bok & Pappersverkstad

13 Willowday

14 Willowday

15 Hemma med Helena

16 Pastill

17 Hildas Hem

18 Craft & Creativity

19 Made by Mary

20 Lina by the bay

21 Hildas Hem

22 Mini Piccolini

23 Mormorsglamour

24 Pysselbolaget.se

25 Willowday

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