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The Creative Advent Calendar


Photo Helena Nord

A couple of weeks ago Freja and I met in secret with some of the most creative Swedish bloggers for a meeting. At Gina’s house (Willowday) we planned for a treat and now finally everything is in place. Every day from December 1 until December 25 we will offer you a fantastic creative advent calendar.

The creative collective2

Behind the calendar is the newly started blog network The Creative Collective, a group of like-minded creative bloggers in Sweden. Under the name “25 creative day” every one of us will in turn give you craft ideas, culinary inspiration, photo and table setting tips on our different blogs. The calendar will wander between us and we will do everything to make it easy for you to keep up. Counting down for Christmas is has never been more creative and we hope that you also will find some new blog favorites!

The creative collective3

The Creative Collective is made up of:

Helena Lyth, Hemma med Helena

Sofia Brolin, Hildas Hem

Helena Söderberg, Craft & Creativity

Karolina Eriksson, Lina by the bay

Malin Lundgren, Pastill

Maria Strömberg, Made by Mary

Mina Neumüller Malhotra, Mini Piccolini

Linda Gimle, Djura Bok & Pappersverkstad

Helena Nord, Mormorsglamour

Gina Vide, Willowday

… and Pysselbolaget, of course. Please, have a look around the blog, but make sure you have plenty of time. Also visit our a brand new  Facebook page the very Scandinavian Pinterest board.


December will look like this:

1 Pysselbolaget.se

2 Mormorsglamour

3 Craft & Creativity

4 Hildas Hem

5 Hemma med Helena

6 Made by Mary

7 Djura Bok & Pappersverkstad

8 Pastill

9 Mormorsglamour

10 Lina by the bay

11 Mini Piccolini

12 Djura Bok & Pappersverkstad

13 Willowday

14 Pastill

15 Hemma med Helena

16 Willowday

17 Hildas Hem

18 Craft & Creativity

19 Made by Mary

20 Lina by the bay

21 Hildas Hem

22 Mini Piccolini

23 Mormorsglamour

24 Pysselbolaget.se

25 Willowday

Sounds good, don’t you think! Pysselbolaget is, as you see, the first to post in the calendar. Visit us again on Monday and start following our 25 creative day of Christmas!


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