Make super easy pillow covers

Easy pillow covers PB 2014 1

The bed is made into a hut, mattress has a new cover and now it’s time for the pillows to get a makeover. Freja has brought out the sewing machine and she’s ready to go!

Easy pillow covers PB 2014 2

We use pretty cotton fabrics, a sewing machine and thread and a bunch of old pillows.

Easy pillow covers PB 2014 3

1. Start by cutting the fabrics. We make the cushions on the same principle as a pillowcase. The front is a square and the middle bit in the image. The side panels are about 2/3 as wide as the front piece and we have sewn a hem in each outer edge.

Easy pillow covers PB 2014 4

2. Place your front piece with the right side up, then back pieces with right side down towards the front, as shown. The rough edges of the back pieces should be in line with the front piece edges. They hemmed edges will then be overlapping eachother and together make the back cover. Sew a seam around the whole cover!

Easy pillow covers PB 2014 5

Turn the pillow cover inside out and tuck an old pillow in it as stuffing. Done!

Easy pillow covers PB 2014 6

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