Potato and cork printing


Potato printing is a fun and inexpensive way to print patterns. You can print on fabric, clothing or, as Willowday did, on newspaper! In our last post we made glitter hearts using potato printing, but we did not want to stop at that. A pair of old boxes, once containing clementines, has to be redecorated. Check it out!


We use potatoes, acrylic paint, brush and wooden boxes. We will also use wine corks.

1. First, we cut out a stamp in the potato using a knife. With cookie cutters you can easily make beautiful stamps in various shapes, but we want to have a geometric stamp this time. We dry the potatoes off with a bit of paper and then cover it with paint using a brush.

2. Now start printing. Apply a new coat of paint on the potatoes after each time you print. Then let the box dry.


3. We have also used wine corks to print with. The same instructions apply here; cover your stamp with paint…


4 . … and press it on to the box. Neat, don’t you think!


The boxes are much prettier now. The short ends of the boxes gets a coat of blackboard paint, that way can easily see what should be where.


With some hobby paint and things we had at home we have transformed what could have been trash into neat and practical storage. We can’t recommend potato print as a technique enough. It’s easy and cheap and works well with both small and large children. What would you like to print?