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We at Pysselbolaget think that adults and kids should spend  time together. Some families bake, other play board games, we devote our time to crafting. We show simple and fun crafts that do not require too much knowledge, equipment or time. We create most of our crafts out of things that we find at home and we always work together. The magic is found in the collaboration between young and old, not in the things we create.

Please comment our crafts – it makes our day.


About Freja
” I’m 13 years old and I do a lot of crafting. I make sure that what we do is easy enough for other kids to do and I’m the one who makes every thing looks really nice. There should always be a lot of colour, often more than my mum thinks. When I’m not crafting with mum I play soccer and go to school. I have the world’s best teacher.”

About Karin
“My mum is fantastic and she spent a lot of time crafting with me when I was a kid. I remember those moments with joy and I want to pass it on to my kids. Crafting is my way of shutting out the daily chores and find the space to be together. It works, it is impossible to think about work and laundry when you are crafting! I make my living as a graphic designer, learn more.


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