Plastic Bag Bats


I love the easy and inexpensive craft projects! Several years ago, my friend and crafty colleague Helena, from the blog Hemma med Helena, made cute bats of satin ribbon and I have wanted to test them since. Unfortunately, we rarely have black satin ribbon at our house, so we had to come up with a different solution. We made plastic bag bats instead!


You need a black plastic bag, a pair of scissors, acrylic paint and a brush or a waterproof white marker pen. And twigs, of course! Collect from the garden och buy one at your flower store.


Cut long narrow strips of plastic bag. Make sure the strips are not too short, then it’s difficult to tie the. It doesn’t matter if they are too long. Then tie them onto the twigs. Straighten the “wings” and trim  them with a pinking shears, if you like.


Paint or draw on a pair of eyes on each bat.


A branch full of bats – check! Satin ribbons are a bit more elegant, but plastic bags work just fine too, don’t you think. Pay a visit to Helena, she’s got plenty of more craft projects.


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