Make a Oilcloth Cuff Bracelet

Oilcloth bracelets

We have seen so many pretty cuff bracelet made of suede and leather lately, but either leather or suede is a material that we usually have at home. Oilcloth, on the other hand, is a material we have and it works fine for this type of bracelet.

Oilcloth bracelets 2

You need oilcloth, scissors, press buttons and a hammer. You also need a good hobby glue that works on textile materials.

Oilcloth bracelets 3

First cut the two pieces needed to the bracelet. You’ll find a template of the pieces here. Our bracelet fits wrists in size xx-xx cm. If you want a bracelet that is larger or smaller just extend or shorten the big piece. Fold and glue the small piece according to the template and let dry. Fold the tabs on the large piece and make holes for the push buttons with a sharp pair of scissors.

Oilcloth bracelets 4

Attach the push buttons according to the instructions on the package.

Oilcloth bracelets 5

Make pleats on the center of the large piece of fabric and glue the little piece around the pleats. Let the glue dry thoroughly.

Oilcloth bracelets 6

Oilcloth is a fun and easy material to work in. It’s easy to cut and paste.

Oilcloth bracelets 7

Oilcloth is available in many pretty colors and patterns and you can often buy scraps of it at a low cost. Our bracelets turned out quite well, don’t you think!

Oilcloth bracelets 9

Oilcloth bracelets 8

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