Make your own Watermelon Pots

Watermelon Pots 2

To paint on Terra Cotta Pots is easy, cheap and fun! Inspired by this blog we painted our pots like watermelons. Delicious, don’t you think!

Watermelon Pots 3

You need to clean and dry Terra Cotta Pots, acrylic paint, a brush and a permanent ink pen.

Watermelon Pots 4

This project doesn’t really require a detailed tutorial, but we are happy to provide some tips for you. The pots must be completely dry when you start painting. If you rinse them out with water make sure to leave them to dry in a warm place for at least one day. For best and most colorful result first paint a layer of white. Then paint the red and the green.

Watermelon Pots 5

We chose to leave a thin line of white between the red and the green. Freja covered the white area with masking tape before she painted. I’m a bit impatient and decided to paint on freehand.

Watermelon Pots 6

When the acrylic paint has dried, we draw the cores with a permanent ink pen.

Watermelon Pots 7

Painting pots is a perfect summer craft project and I’m sure we will paint more pots this summer. If you want more examples of pretty painted pots, I can recommend you to pay a visit to Helena at Craft and CreativityElsa Lisa Larson’s blog and to KreativaKarin.

Watermelon Pots 8

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