Easy Origami Candy Bowls

Origami bowls

The wonderful Swedish summer is slowly entering our everyday life! Soon school will be out, and we’ll be celebrating our National Day and Midsummer. We’re preparing for long summer parties by folding easy origami bowls to decorate the dining table with. The bowls will be filled with gumdrop, popcorn or nuts and maybe everyone will get their own.

Origami bowls2

You need 3 piece of papper cut in even squares, our are 15 x 15 cm, and glue.

Origami bowls3

Fold the first paper in half. Fold up the bottom corners to the top, one at a time.

Origami bowls4

Origami bowls5

Undo the folds. Fold the top corner down to the bottom edge of the paper. Unfold the top again. The first unit is done. Fold the other two pieces in the same way.

Origami bowls6

Now it’s time to connect the pieces together. Insert the left bottom corner of each unit into the right bottom corner …

Origami bowls7

… until all three pieces are connected. Flip the bowl over and overlap the bottom layers, one by one over the other.

Origami bowls8

Lock the bottom parts in place with glue.

Origami bowls9

Done! If you prefer moving images to still, an excellent video tutorial can be found here.

Origami bowls10

Make as many bowls as you like and need. Make them big and small, use wall paper or newsprint, single-colored and patterned.

Origami bowls11

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