Easter Eggs with Happy Colored Feathers

Egg and Feathers

For a while now I have wanted to decorate Easter Eggs with spotted feathers. My crafty partner however didn’t like that idea at all. She asked for color – and color she got. Today we make Easter Eggs decorated with colorful feathers!

Egg and Feathers2

You need eggs, ours are hard-boiled, decoupage glue, a brush and feathers in bright colors.

Egg and Feathers3

Cut off a piece of a feather large enough to fit on the egg. Apply decoupage glue on the egg. Place the feather on the glued patch and add more decoupage glue over feather and egg. Brushthe glue over the feather gently.

Egg and Feathers4

Leave the eggs to dry!

Egg and Feathers5 Egg and Feathers6 Egg and Feathers7

I’m happy we chose colorful feathers. I still love spotted feathers, but these colorful eggs fit better in our house.

Egg and Feathers8

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