Make Tissue Paper Butterlies

Tissue paper butterflies

In Sweden we have a tradition to decorate birch twings for Easter. Ordinary twigs are dressed in brightly colored feathers and placed in a vase to brighten up our homes. This year we want something else and we’ll make simple butterflies using clothespins and tissue paper. Tissue paper is a material we love to use for Easter, there are so many beautiful colors to chose from and it’s easy to work with.

Tissue paper butterflies2

You need, clothespins and scissors. You may also need a pen and straight pins with color ball heads.

Tissue paper butterflies3

First cut the tissue paper into squares. We have used three different colors for each butterfly. Use the straight pins with color ball heads for antennas. Finally clip the clothespin over the middle of the three layers of paper.

Tissue paper butterflies4

Draw eyes and a mouth on each butterflies with a pencil.

Tissue paper butterflies5

Pretty butterflies in bright colors are precisely what we need this gloomy season!

Tissue paper butterflies6

The butterflies are not only easy to make, but also easy to pinch onto our Easter birch twings.

Tissue paper butterflies7

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