Dag 13 – Make a Lucia procession of egg cartons

Sankta Lucia

We are already at day 13 of the Advent Calendar 24 creative days in December. Yesterday Helena at Mormorsglamour made beautiful Christmas ornaments out of cork. Check it out if you haven’t already. We’re making a classic daycare project – a Lucia procession of egg cartons. It is an easy and fun project and I believe most swedes have made one, at one point or another.

Sankta Lucia 2

You need a long or large egg carton, acrylic paint, scissors, a paint brush, glue and wooden beads. We have also used pipe cleaners and ribbons in silver and red.

Sankta Lucia 3

Start by cutting out the “tops” of the egg carton, they will be the bodies of the procession. Then paint hair and faces on the wooden beads. We also painted small wooden beads in hair colors. They will be glued on as hair bun. To paint the round beads can be a little messy, but it’s fun to do different hairstyles. The wooden beads are left drying on a rack of barbecue sticks and the lid of the egg carton.

Sankta Lucia 4

The holes in the wooden beads can illustrate them singing, don’t you think!

Sankta Lucia 5

The Lucia crown is made of pipe cleaners and all the girls in the procession get ribbons around their waist.

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”Sankta Lucia…”

Sankta Lucia 6

Our Lucia procession is on it’s way out and you now can see their hair styles. Thank you checking in with us this Lucia day. Pysselbolaget is back in the calendar on Christmas Eve, but the blog fill up with another fun and easy projects before then.

Tomorrow the calendar continues on the blog Hemma med Helena. Follow our Facebook page and don’t miss out on a single post.




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