Hats for Halloween

Halloween hats Pysselbolaget

Dressing up for Halloween is fun. Today we make easy hats to wear for the occation. Can you see what they are made of?

Halloween hats Pysselbolaget2

You need acrylic paint, brush, scissors, rubber thread and – paper cups! We have also used black paper, cotton wool and a small piece of green ribbon to decorate with.

Halloween hats Pysselbolaget3

Paint the cups with acrylic paint and let them dry.

Halloween hats Pysselbolaget4

Now it’s time to decorate the cups.

Halloween hats Pysselbolaget5

I’ll let the photos speak for themselves!

Halloween hats Pysselbolaget6

Freja paste cotton wool at the bottom of the ghost to make it to look like it’s floating.

Halloween hats Pysselbolaget7

Make a small hole in each side of the cup and tie on a rubber thread.

Halloween hats Pysselbolaget8

The motifs can be varied. Maybe you’ll make a black cat, a skull or a witch!

Halloween hats Pysselbolaget9



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