DIY Party Animals

Party Animals Pysselbolaget

Today we turn big scary dinosaurs to party animals. We feel like Cinderella’s godmother!

Party Animals Pysselbolaget2

We have used large plastic animals purchased at the flea market and spray paint. We have also used colors, tulle, felt, glue, sequins, and other accumulated treasures.

Party Animals Pysselbolaget3

We start by spray painting the dinosaurs. We use spray paint, partly because it is easy to get paint to cover and partly because it’s fast. We’ve talked about how to handle spray paint before, so we’re giving you the short version this time. Care for good ventilation, read the instructions on the can carefully and if you buy a new colors choose the new water based spray paint.

Party Animals Pysselbolaget4

Our animals requires a couple rounds of color. Spray several thin layers rather than a few thick ones.

Party Animals Pysselbolaget5

When all the layers of paint has dried, it’s time for the final fix up. Freja’s, now pink, dinosaur is transformed into an ice princess in an instant. She gets a skirt of felt and tulle, a crown of glossy paper and fancy nails – sorry, claws.

Party Animals Pysselbolaget6

The other two will be a couple and we start with the precious bride.

Party Animals Pysselbolaget7

A simple piece of tulle becomes a skirt and lips are painted with acrylic paint. The groom gets a high hat of felt and a painted cork. He also needs a pair of glasses. A piece of aluminum wire wound around a pencil does the trick.

Party Animals Pysselbolaget8

Collar and buttons are in place and the couple gets matching flowers.

Party Animals Pysselbolaget9

Time to party! Will she say “yes” …?

Party Animals Pysselbolaget15

The ice princess is of course also invited!

Party Animals Pysselbolaget10

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