Anthropologie inspired bracelets

Antro inspired bracelets The store Anthropologie is an amazing source of inspiration. Their windows tend to be a wonder of creative solutions and on the internet one can find loads of pictures taken by astonished passers. We are also inspired by their style and today we make bohemian bracelet of leftover ribbons.Antro inspired bracelets2

You need short pieces of fabric ribbons and strings. They need to be between 18-20 cm long. You will also need a pair of scissors, contact glue, end caps in metal and jewelry lock. Antro inspired bracelets3

1. Cut ribbons and laces to approx 18-20 cm long pieces. Bundle them up and tie them together tightly at one end. Cut the ends above the knot so that the edge is smooth. Fill one of the end caps half way up with contact glue. Do not let children use the contact glue. Use and store away.

Antro inspired bracelets4 2. Push the end cap over the knot and let the glue dry. Check that the bracelet is long enough, and then do the same thing to on the other end.Antro inspired bracelets5


Antro inspired bracelets6 We use our new bracelet all the time, they are both stylish and comfortable to wear. All we need now is more ribbons! Antro inspired bracelets7

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