Handprint Tree Art

Handprint tree art Today we make a quick and easy craft – handprinted trees and paper trunks. Check it out!Handprint tree art2

You need a large white paper, colored paper for the trunks, scissors, glue and hobby paint. We also use a paper plate to mix colors in.

Handprint tree art2.2 1. Start by tracing out a hand and a piece of the arm to make the trunk. Draw directly on the colored paper and cut it out, or drawing on a white paper which then is used as a template for the colored one. Paste the trunk on the large white paper.Handprint tree art3

2. Now it’s time to mix the paint. Freja makes a mix for fall, spring and summer. Then use a finger to print leaves on the trees.Handprint tree art4 Handprint tree art5 Handprint tree art6

Our trees turned out like this! Spring with cherry blossoms, summer in yellow and green and autumn in purple and red tones.

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