Emoji bead coasters

Emoji bead coasters 1 Last week we had fantastic Gina from Willowday here on a crafty visit with her daughter. Crafting together with them is always a treat. We got a couple of intense and creative hours together and started a whole bunch of fun projects. We will share them all with you, and we begin with a cheerful Hama bead project.

Emoji bead coasters 2

You need a round pegboard, Hama beads and images of Emojis. You also need an iron and ironing paper for Hama beads or baking paper.

Emoji bead coasters 3

Building Emojis on pegboards can be tricky but it’s not difficult. When the Emoji is done melt the beads together with an iron. Make sure to put ironing paper for Hama beads or baking paper between your beads and the iron. Allow the beads to cool, and your first happy, or sad, coaster is done!

Emoji bead coasters 4

To keep your Emojin in one piece, make sure to melt the beads together properly.

Emoji bead coasters 5

We happily set the table with coasters made by Freya and Gina’s daughter! Head over to Willowday today for more Emojis and other fun projects.

Emoji bead coasters 6


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