Make a Cool Candy Mandala!

Candy mandala 1

I know, you shouldn’t play with food – but candy isn’t food, right! Inspired by the artist Paula Brett we make our own cool candy mandalas. Why not surprise someone you like with a personal mandala for Valentine’s Day? Get the candy bag out down and get going!

Candy mandala 2

You need candy in different colors and shapes.

Candy mandala 3

Start by making a small flower and extend the pattern from the middle. Freja and I took turns adding one circle each. You get the best result if you use only a few different types of candy, but many of the same sort.

Candy mandala 6

Candy mandala 5

Candy mandala 4We managed to put together three different mandalas from our bag of candy.

Candy mandala 7

They turned out great, don’t you think? I’m sure we could have build a few more, but all of a sudden we were missing pieces … Strange.

Candy mandala 8

We hope we inspired you to make your own. Also check out Paula Brett’s website for more delicious inspiration.


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