Easy Paper Stars for Christmas

Paper stars Pysselbolaget 1Two years ago Pyselbolaget and Helena from Craft & Creativity showed you how to fold an easy origami star for Christmas. It’s still one of our most popular posts. We think you like to fold the stars, and we now have more stars for you to make for Christmas. We show a simple version here and Helena has a little more complicated star on Craft & Creativity today.

Paper stars Pysselbolaget 2

You need nice paper, a hole punch or scissors and glue sticks. Paper stars Pysselbolaget 3

1. Start by punching or cutting out circles. To each star needed 6 circles and they need to be equal in size.Paper stars Pysselbolaget 4

2. First fold the circle in half vertically. Unfold and fold the circle in half horizontally. Unfold.Paper stars Pysselbolaget 5

3. Hold the circle so that the fold forms an x and gently fold the sides into the center of the circle. Do the same with all six circles. Finally paste the folded circles together as shown on the picture.Paper stars Pysselbolaget 6

Done! We found a tutorial for this little sweetheart on the blog NotableNest, were you can find lots of pretty varieties. If you crave a more advanced star we think you should visit Craft & Creativity, Helena is also folding stars today.

Paper stars Pysselbolaget 7

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