Halloween Bat Pegs

Bat pegs PB okt 2014 1 It’s soon time. Let’s make some final quick bat crafts before the Halloween party begins.

Bat pegs PB okt 2014 2

You need clothespins in wood, acrylic paint, scissors, black paper, glue and a brush.

Bat pegs PB okt 2014 3

1. Paint the clothespins with acrylic paint. We let our clothespins dry on a toilet paper roll.

Bat pegs PB okt 2014 4

2. While the paint dries, cut wings of colored paper. Paste the wings to the pegs and paint on a pair of eyes.

Bat pegs PB okt 2014 5

When the paint and glue is dry, let the bats to move out into the house. Clever, don’t you think!

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