Make a Flower Mandala

Flower mandala PB aug 2014 1

After an amazing summer autumn is now slowly creeping upon us. It’s a bit chilly in the morning, it’s a bit darker in the evening and the flowers in the garden begins to slowly wither. We decided to pick some of ours and made a mandala. By taking pictures of them our mandalas became beautiful cards to send to loved ones.

Flower mandala PB aug 2014 2

You need flowers, leaves and a white paper. If you like turn them into cards you also need access to a camera and a color printer.

Flower mandala PB aug 2014 3

1. Begin by carefully picking the petals from the flowers.

Flower mandala PB aug 2014 4

2. Then place the petals in patterns on a white sheet of paper. Move the leaves around until you are happy. Beautiful, don’t you think!

Flower mandala PB aug 2014 5

You can of course enjoy your mandala as they are until the leaves wilted. Or do as we – take a picture of your mandalas and print them out as cards. Fun to make, fun at give away!

Need more floral inspiration? We follow Hanna Wendelbo on instagram – do the same!

Flower mandala PB aug 2014 6

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