Very Happy Hats!

PB hat makeover Something very enjoyable to have in a children’s room are clothes to dress up in. Today we pep up hats found cheap on a flea market.

PB hat makeover2

1.  First up is the detective hat. The brown men’s hat gets the eyes, nose and ears of felt fabric. If you have older children, you can glue on the felt pieces. We choose to sew them on, mostly because we don’t want to have to worry about them falling off.

PB hat makeover3

2. The damaged straw hat gets its brim cut down and the edges taped to keep the fit. The ears are made of yarn pom poms and nose is glued on with a lot of glue. Eyes are draw on with a marker pen.

PB hat makeover4

3. Finally, a red elegant dress hat turns into a cute ladybug. We sew on pieces of felt fabric and use wool beads for eyes.

PB hat makeover5

A bunch of hats ready for play. Lovely, don’t you think!

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