Cork Wreath

In the quest for finding affordable craft materials our eyes have fallen on our cork collection. I really do not know why we have gathered as many corks, but years of collected corks will now serve as crafts material. Some time ago Sweet Paul showed how to make pretty and easy trivet of corks, but we wanted to paint ours and we realized that the paint probably wouldn’t hold with hot pots on. Instead we decided to make a wreath of the wine corks.

You need corks, lots of corks, acrylic paint, a paint brush, glue and a nice ribbon.

1. Freja paints the top of the corks and leaves them to dry standing on a newspaper.

2. Once the paint has dried we glue the corks in a circle. We use a round jug covered with plastic as a template.

3. To prevent the corks from falling off while the glue dries, we tie a string around the first set of corks. Glue the next round of corks. The jug is removed as soon as everything is dry and the wreath is ready.

The ribbon around the wreath is both to support the wreath and to use as a hanger. Voila – a wreath of corks now lightens up our house.