Ombre pasta mobile

Mobiles – can one ever have too many? Probably, but we want to show you yet another, mostly because it was both fun and easy to make and turned out really well. This time we mixing colors and paint pasta.

You need funny shape pasta, we have chosen pasta bows, acrylic paint, yarn and a twig.

1. Begin by painting the pasta. We use a solid turquoise color to paint the first round of pasta in. Next, we mix a little drop of white in the turquoise and paint the next bunch of pasta in it.

2. We give each round of pasta its own color mix by adding a little more white every time. The result is ombre pasta bows, extending from dark turquoise to plain white.

3. Once the paint dried, we attach the bows to the yarn with glue. Each string has also gets a bell. We simply love bells.

Tie the yarn strings to a twig and the mobile is ready to be hung on display.

Freja also painted a bunch of bows in pink and orange. We used them to decorate a vase with.

Our ombre pasta mobile is in place! Have a lovely weekend!

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