Cloude mobile in felt fabric

Last year we did a fun cloud mobile with colorful rain drops made of wool beads. Many have written to us (thank you so much!) to tell us how beautiful your own colud mobiles have turned out and it has also been featured in Swedish Elle Interior. Since wool beads can be difficult to find we like to show you a new version of it, with rain drops made of felt fabric.


You will need white paper and cardboard paper, embroidery thread or thin yarn and scissors. You will also need glue, a hole punch and felt fabric.

1. Start by drawing out a cloud on a paper or print our cloud here. Then cut out the cloud in cardboard and paper and paste them together. When the glue has dried, make holes in the bottom for the strings of rain drops and a hole in the top for hanging.

2. Each drop consists of three layers of felt. Cut as many as you want, and have the energy to, in different colors.
3. Now is the time to put together the strings of drops. You can sew them by hand or do as Freya, using a sewing machine. Leave a long thread at the beginning of each string, it will be used to tie the strings to the cloud. Also make a small gaps between each set of drops, that way the strings will turn out nice and long.

Finally tie the strings onto the cloud and hang it up! Pull the layers of felt apart and the drops will get a nice, round shape.

Our new version of cloud mobile is completed. To see the one we did last year, click here!


TP Roll Advent Calendar

We are approaching December and Christmas. It is wonderful! Today we want to share our advent calendar with you. All you need is a bunch of  toilet rolls and our santa templates. The templates are available to download from us as an early Christmas present for you!

You need 24 toilet rolls, santa templates , scissors, tape, string and thin colored paper for the hats.

1. First print out and cut out the templates you have choosen. Make simple bottoms for the tp rolls of white paper and attach them with tape.

2. Tape the santas to the tp rolls.

3. Choose which santa to go with what date and write the date on the belly of the santa. We have made a simple hat to each santa a tub of a piece of paper and tie a string around it. Make sure the hat does not become too narrow. You should be able to take it off, so that you can fill with little treats.

Almost all of our santas are done.

Every santa can carry small surprises!

Download the santas with dots here.

Download the santas with stars here.

Download the santas with flowers here.

If you prefer to paint your santas, download a black and white template here.


Candy Sushi


In Sweden we have a tradition of letting the kids eat candy on Saturdays. Today we like to show what we amused ourselves with last Saturday. Check this out!


You need candy! You can pick almost anything but you need candy in the shape of straps and strings, as well as large marshmallows.


We’re making candy sushi! Instead of rice, we use marshmallows. Instead of salmon, we use candy fishes. Beautiful, isn’t it!


Some of the candy pieces were too long. The easiest way to get them shorter is to cut them with scissors. Make sure the scissors are clean, the sushi is to be eaten when it’s ready. We also used scissors to make holes in the marshmallows.


Our table is covered in sugar, but it doesn’t matter when you get sushis this nice.


Our candy sushis kept us busy for a long and enjoyable time. Need I say that our sushi was a success? Perhaps it might be a good idea for kids partys.


But what happened? – Waiter, there’s a jelly rat in my sushi …