Very Happy Hats!

PB hat makeover Something very enjoyable to have in a children’s room are clothes to dress up in. Today we pep up hats found cheap on a flea market.

PB hat makeover2

1.  First up is the detective hat. The brown men’s hat gets the eyes, nose and ears of felt fabric. If you have older children, you can glue on the felt pieces. We choose to sew them on, mostly because we don’t want to have to worry about them falling off.

PB hat makeover3

2. The damaged straw hat gets its brim cut down and the edges taped to keep the fit. The ears are made of yarn pom poms and nose is glued on with a lot of glue. Eyes are draw on with a marker pen.

PB hat makeover4

3. Finally, a red elegant dress hat turns into a cute ladybug. We sew on pieces of felt fabric and use wool beads for eyes.

PB hat makeover5

A bunch of hats ready for play. Lovely, don’t you think!

Sweet Magnets

Sweet magnets PB 2014 1 Our magnetic wall needs magnets and we of course want to make our own. The motif is chosen by the little owner of the room.

Sweet magnets PB 2014 2

We used magnet sheets purchased at a hobby store, scissors, glue and wide transparent packing tape.

Sweet magnets PB 2014 3

1. We start by looking for images on the internet. There are numerous web sites that offer images free to download for private use. You can also use pictures from magazines and old books. Paste the images on the magnetic sheets and cut the sheets into pieces.

Sweet magnets PB 2014 4

2. To make the images last the loving treatment that only a 1.5 year old can give, we tape over the images with packing tape. The tape will work as a varnish over the images. Then trim the images and the magnets are done.

Sweet magnets PB 2014 5

Our sweet magnets are ready to be put in use! Also check out our posts Kids Table Makeover and Super Easy Pillow Covers.

Brilliant Magnetic Wall

magnetic wall PB 2014

We continue to show smart and simple solutions for kids rooms. This time we paint a wall with magnetic paint and create a colorful surface for pictures and drawings.

magnetic wall PB 20142

Magnetic paint is available in paint and hardware store. It is heavy, both to carry home and to work with, it contains magnetic ingredients that make the color magnetic. There are a few things you need to think about when working with magnetic paint, the first is to stir the paint thoroughly, and stir several times while you paint. The magnetic ingredients falls quickly to the bottom of the paint jar.

Another thing that is important is to paint many layers and in different directions, vertically and horizontally alternately. Even if you paint many times the surface will not be as magnetic as a magnetic board, but it is enough to make it fun.

magnetic wall

When the magnetic paint has dried we cover it with a thin yellow paint. We also had a tenter at our disposal, it gets painted green and the magnetic wall is done.