How to save ideas

Good ideas2

At our house ideas for new craft projects pop up all the time – often when we least expect it. We find new materials we want to test and new projects that we want to try. We are rich in ideas, but has no good system to save them. We write them down on pieces of paper, in phones and notebooks. It’s not always easy to find the right one once it’s time for crafting. How do you save your ideas?

Printable Party with Epson EcoTank

Printable party

This post in made in collaboration with Epson, but I have tested the Epson EcoTank myself and the opinions shared in the post are my own.

Friends, it’s party time! In collaboration with Epson we have designed a printable party theme for you to print out – for free. Print all pages or just a few. Print many of each page or just one. We have made garlands, napkin rings, place cards and more – all for you.


How to make Beaded Headphone

Beaded headphones

You have probably seen it before, but we’d like to show you again – how to make beaded headphones. We are in love with the striped beads that recently came on the market. The beaded headphones has many functions, it is easy to separate your headphones from others, and it prevents the cord from tangling. It’s good looking too!