Make Glue Gun Stencils

Glue Gun Stencils 1

Those of you who follow us know that we have many wonderful and creative friends. On a regular basis they generously share their creativity and inspiration with all who visit their blogs. As a tribute to them we want to show some of the things they taught us. Today we make glue gun stencils on cushions using a technique we learned from the amazing Gina and her kids at the blog Willowday.


Best of 2015

Happy New 2016 and welcome back! We have lots of creative projects planned for you and tomorrow we’ll share the first tutorial of 2016. Today we take a look back at our favorite crafts from last year. What ’s your favorite project? Anything you want to see more of? Please, let us know!

Best of 2015
Doll face necklace / Candy Mandala / Emoji Coasters

Easter Feathers / Beru Bettos pixel boy / Midsummer flowers

TP Binoculars / Candy Crackers / Hat for Halloween

Santa Lucia / Comic Book cookie jars / Santa place cards