Make a Cool Candy Mandala!

Candy mandala 1

I know, you shouldn’t play with food – but candy isn’t food, right! Inspired by the artist Paula Brett we make our own cool candy mandalas. Why not surprise someone you like with a personal mandala for Valentine’s Day? Get the candy bag out down and get going!

Candy mandala 2

You need candy in different colors and shapes.

Candy mandala 3

Start by making a small flower and extend the pattern from the middle. Freja and I took turns adding one circle each. You get the best result if you use only a few different types of candy, but many of the same sort.

Candy mandala 6

Candy mandala 5

Candy mandala 4We managed to put together three different mandalas from our bag of candy.

Candy mandala 7

They turned out great, don’t you think? I’m sure we could have build a few more, but all of a sudden we were missing pieces … Strange.

Candy mandala 8

We hope we inspired you to make your own. Also check out Paula Brett’s website for more delicious inspiration.


Happy Handmade – Book Review!

HAPPY_HANDMADE_cover Listen up, friends! If you like Pysselbolaget and the things we make, you will love the e-book Happy Handmade from MollyMoo. It is in English and right now you can buy and instantly download it for the special launch price of just $ 9.99.

In the book Happy Handmade Michelle from MollyMoo has invited cool crafting moms from different parts of the world to share some of their projects. The over all theme is fun and easy crafts in inexpensive and/or recycled materials for makers of all ages. Don’t you just love it!

Each contributor shares one project and step by step pictures makes it easy to follow. You also get a short presentation of each contributor and the address to their blogs. Make sure to visit them all! You will not regret it.

The book is beautiful and the projects are wonderful. Have a peek inside…craft-ebook-sample-spread1 craft-ebook-sample-spread2 craft-ebook-sample-spread3

One of the contributors is my friend and favorite blogger Gina from  Willowday. Gina’s crafts are always so clever and we immediately had to try her project from the book. In a few minutes we had managed to put together a whole bunch of adorable animal necklaces. A full tutorial can be found in the book.
Happy Handmade crafts 2 Happy Handmade crafts

Some of the other contributors are Leslie Manlapig from Pink Stripey Socks, Meri from Meri Cherry, Ana from Babble Dabble Do and Barbara from Art Bar. If you follow us on Instagram you’ve probably encountered these creative ladies before.happy-handmade-montage2

The book has 115 pages and contains projects made from recycling, cardboard, felt fabric, yarn pom poms and much more. The book also comes with templates for projects that require it. Read the book on your screen or print it out.Skärmavbild 2015-01-28 kl. 15.23.28

The blog MollyMoo has a young source of inspiration. Her name is Molly and the book Happy Handmade is dedicated to her. And just like at Pysselbolaget Molly and Michelle are using craft materials you are likely to find in your own home.

If you are looking for projects to make with or for you kids Happy Handmade is an amazing source of fun and clever ideas. The next project we will try out is the doll house made out of a shoebox! We can hardly wait!

Who cares if it rains next weekend! Buy and download the book Happy Handmade today for just $ 9.99 (special launch price)! buy now buttonNEW ej_buy_now

Toilet Roll Binoculars

TP Binocular My children have had many favorite toys during their upbringing. One of the most used and highly appreciated things was simple binoculars made of toilet rolls. Make you own and hand them over to your kids! The world can be very exciting seen through a pair of binoculars. Make our very simple binoculars or your own crazy version.TP Binocular2

You need toilet rolls, heavy tape, scissors, string, optional is paper to cover your binoculars and glue. TP Binocular3

Cover the toilet rolls in paper or paint them with acrylic paint. Place the toilet rolls next to each other and tape them together. Make a hole in each toilet roll and insert the string into the hole from the outside of the toilet roll. Tie a knot.TP Binocular4

The binoculars are ready for play! Easy peasy, but nevertheless highly appreciated. Also check out these fun and creative binoculars: very clever Santa Binoculars by Meri Cherry, Camouflage Binoculars by Crafts by Amanda and Rainbow Binoculars by Crafty Morning. TP Binocular5