Kids Room Makeover – After

PB kids room makeover after

For a few weeks we have shown you big and small projects that can brighten up a kid’s room. The actual room is now ready to be presented. Check it out!

PB kids room makeover after2

This is little L’s room when we first arrived. The room has a beautiful large window and nice white walls. The crib is no longer used for sleep, but works as a mini sofa for the little lady. To get an overview of what we wanted and could do, we put together a moodboard.

PB kids room makeover after3

Our first project was to do something fun with the bed. We gave it a roof of fabric to turn it into a hut, new simple no-sew pillows and a mattress cover.

PB kids room makeover after4

The roof is removable when the play is over. Little L is not completely convinced that the roof is a good idea, but her little cousin thinks that the hut is great! L’s mother also turned a simple rice lamp into an adventurous hot air balloon that is now sailing across the room on it’s way to new and exciting adventures.

PB kids room makeover after5

Our next big project was to liven up white chairs and tables. We used vinyl foil in different colors to give the furniture color and charm.

PB kids room makeover after6

We also painted part of the wall with the magnetic paint and made matching magnets.

PB kids room makeover after7

The shelf gave us a headache, but the result was great and we are happy with it.

PB kids room makeover after8

We spray painted the shelves in different colors to match the existing back panel.

PB kids room makeover after9

Little L’s rooms nice white walls got decorated with postcards and washi tape. The cards can easily be replaced when taste changes and washi tape is available in gorgeous colors and patterns.

PB kids room makeover after10

Three sweet boxes in wood got new color and function. They become shelves for small fragile items.

PB kids room makeover after11

We made a garland, all without sewing!

PB kids room makeover after12

The garland gives the room color and an airy feeling. Do you recognize the animal hooks? We did this several years ago but they have now found a home! The painting is also a pysselbolaget project that found a new place to hang out.

PB kids room makeover after13

Every kids room should have clothes to use for play. We found hats at the flea market and transformed them into animals.

PB kids room makeover after14

A ladybug, a teddy bear and a detective dog moved in with little L.

PB kids room makeover after15

Vi är nöjda och det verkar som om vi får godkänt av lilla L. Förhoppningsvis har vi även lyckats inspirera er!

Make a Hot Air Balloon of a Rice Lamp

PB air balloon

We’re almost done with the little L’s room, but before we show you the finished result we would like to tell about one more easy thing to make; a hot air balloon lamp.

PB air balloon2

Mom S painted the panels on the lamp using acrylic paint. One must be careful when painting, the rice paper rip easily. The little basket is made of a yogurt jar in plastic saved from our recycling. It also got painted with acrylic paint and received small sand bags in fabric. Then it’s off to foreign lands. Piece of cake and a cheap way to liven up a kid’s room!

Want more? Check out Helenas here and a pink one here. Next week we promise to show up the whole room. Have a nice Midsummer!

Very Happy Hats!

PB hat makeover Something very enjoyable to have in a children’s room are clothes to dress up in. Today we pep up hats found cheap on a flea market.

PB hat makeover2

1.  First up is the detective hat. The brown men’s hat gets the eyes, nose and ears of felt fabric. If you have older children, you can glue on the felt pieces. We choose to sew them on, mostly because we don’t want to have to worry about them falling off.

PB hat makeover3

2. The damaged straw hat gets its brim cut down and the edges taped to keep the fit. The ears are made of yarn pom poms and nose is glued on with a lot of glue. Eyes are draw on with a marker pen.

PB hat makeover4

3. Finally, a red elegant dress hat turns into a cute ladybug. We sew on pieces of felt fabric and use wool beads for eyes.

PB hat makeover5

A bunch of hats ready for play. Lovely, don’t you think!