Pom Pom Easter Eggs

Pom Pom Easter Eggs 1We continue to fill our birch twings for Easter! Did you see our Tissue Paper Feathers? Today we make pom poms in the shape of eggs.

Pom Pom Easter Eggs 2

You need yarns of different colors, a Pom Pom Maker and scissors.

Pom Pom Easter Eggs 3

1. Making pom poms with a Pom Pom Maker is quick and easy. If you don’t have a Pom Pom Maker can be done in the good old way. A tutorial of a traditional pompom can be found here.

Pom Pom Easter Eggs 4

2. When the pom pom is done we trim it with a pair of scissors. It can get quite messy. Trim the pom poms over a tray to avoid some of the mess. Done!

Pom Pom Easter Eggs 5

A bird’s nest full of pom poms! Also visit Sabine Lemire and Mollie Makes for more delightful Pom Pom Eggs. Have a great weekend!

Pom Pom Easter Eggs 6

Tissue Paper Feathers for Easter

In Sweden we have a tradition to decorate birch twings for Easter. Ordinary twigs are dressed in brightly colored feathers and placed in a vase to brighten up our homes. Today we make our own feathers out of tissue paper and wire. Check it out!Tissue paper feathers 6

You need tissue paper in different colors, thin steel wire, glue stick, scissors and glitter glue.

Tissue paper feathers 7 1. Start by bending a leaf out of a piece of wire. Make sure to keep a fairly long stalk, it will be used to attach the finished leaf on the twigs. Cut a piece of tissue paper that is larger than the wire leaf. Put glue on the edges of the tissue paper and fold it over the wire.

Tissue paper feathers 8

2. Decorate the leaf with glitter glue and let it dry.

Tissue paper feathers 9

Can you tell Freja likes bright colors? When the glitter glue is dry, it’s time to put the feathers on the twigs. Beautiful, colorful and with a forecast of spring.

Tissue paper feathers 10

The feathers are delicate and beautiful, especially when the sun shines through them. Lucky for us that the light is coming back to our northern latitudes.

Tissue paper feathers 11

Wine Cork Bunnies for Easter

Cork Bunnies Pysselbolaget 1 Making Easter decorations are almost as fun as making things for Christmas. Spring is slowly arriving and we get to fill our houses with cheerful Easter colors. Today we’re teaming up with Gina from Willowday once again! We make tiny bunnies of corks saved for an occation like this. Needless to say – we save everything!

Cork Bunnies Pysselbolaget 2

You need corks from wine, champagne or other glas bottles. You also need acrylic paint, a brush, tape in various colors, scissors, a black marker pen, round beads and glue.

Cork Bunnies Pysselbolaget 3

1. First we paint the corks with white acrylic paint. Our corks need two coats of paint to become completely white. When the hobby paint is dry, we paint a nose and eyes on the rabbit. To get a round nose we dip a barbecue stick in acrylic paint and using it as stamp. The eyes are drawn on with a waterproof marker pen.

Cork Bunnies Pysselbolaget 4

2. We use white electrical tape as a base for the ears. Fold the tape and cut one end of the strip to the shape on an ear with a scissor. The inside of the ears we make of orange and pink washi tape, but any colored tape will do. Glue the finished ears to the back of the head. Also glue a round bead as a tail at the back of the bunny.

Cork Bunnies Pysselbolaget 5

Corks are a fun and inexpensive material to work in. And you can make many different animals – perhaps a whole zoo! Our small bunnies will decorate our table this Easter.

Cork Bunnies Pysselbolaget 6 Do not forget to visit Willowday to see their bunnies and welcome come back next week. We will continue to post Easter crafts for the next couple of weeks!

Cork Bunnies Pysselbolaget 7