Because every kid counts


Yesterday was a day full of emotions for me. Pictures of kids running from war and starvation are on the news every day and I have felt powerless. Yesterday I finally decided to do something. I have now started a collection for the Swedish organization Världens barn (the children of the world). I want to encourage my fellow countrymen, and women, to create their own piggy banks with their own kids and together save up money for the organization Världens barn. Today we’ll show your our piggy bank! It may look complicated, but it is easy and fun to make. Check it out.


Tips & Tricks – use lid as palettes

Lid paletts

We continue to share our and others’ Tips & Tricks! Today we share a tip from Helena from the blog Craft & Creativity. Regular jar lids are super to use as palettes for acrylic paint if you, for example, want to mix a new shade of two different colors or if the brush can’t reach the bottom of the color container. The lids are easy to rinse off and can be used over and over again. Smart, don’t you think!