Tips & Tricks – Fold Memory Boxes

Cork Boats

Last spring we had a competition for our Swedish followers and we asked for the best summer paper crafts. The winning contribution came from the blogger Borgmästaren. Her best summer paper craft is to fold paper boxes, to collect all the little summer memory trinkets in.

– A perfect way to focus on the small but good things in life. Otherwise, it is easy to overlook them, she wrote to us. And we agree! Here is a video on how to fold your own memory boxes.

Free printable elephant bookmarks

Elephant bookmarks

Elephants are adorable animals, don’t you think! But did you know elephants are being illegally hunted for their tusks? The Swedish-based, non-profit organization The Perfect World Foundation work to raise awareness about the situation and put a stop to the poaching. We want, in our own way, to pay attention to the wonderful work The Perfect World Foundation do. Today we share free printable elephant bookmarks, with tusks, to color and put together. Please enjoy!