Book review – Playful: Fun Projects to Make With + For Kids

I love craft books, but many craft books promise more than they can keep. A beautiful cover can’t compensate for a thin content. I might ask for a lot, but I want creativity, beautiful pictures and tons of inspiration when I buy a craft book. Today I want to tell about a book the has it all, a book to love for its beautiful images, gorgeous projects and the beautiful design. The book is called Playful: Fun Projects to Make With + For Kids and author is the wonderful Merrilee Liddiard, also known as MerMag.


Book review – Candy Aisle Crafts


Wish list time is approaching and we’d like to share a book we think you should put on your list this year. I love craft projects made with everyday materials, things that are easy to get and doesn’t cost a fortune. It’s one of the reasons I love the book Candy Aisle Crafts by Jodi Levine, it’s about crafting with candy and cookies!