How to make Beaded Headphone

Beaded headphones

You have probably seen it before, but we’d like to show you again – how to make beaded headphones. We are in love with the striped beads that recently came on the market. The beaded headphones has many functions, it is easy to separate your headphones from others, and it prevents the cord from tangling. It’s good looking too!


Make a Frankenstein necklace

Frankenstein necklace

Don’t want to get all dress up for Halloween? Make a sweet Frankenstein necklace with us instead. A Halloween project suitable for both children and adults!

Frankenstein necklace2

You need wooden beads, acrylic paint, a brush, small screws and a screwdriver, a string and a small bead.

Frankenstein necklace3

Paint a wooden bead green and let it dry. We usually let our beads to dry on a sticks placed over a toilet roll or a carton. Then paint the hair, eyes and mouth with black paint. Then screw in a couple of thin small screws. Make sure to use thin screws, or the bead will crack. We have used Multi Purpose Screws 2,5×16.

Frankenstein necklace4

Now is the time to put the bead on a string. Wooden beads tend to have large holes, therefore we add a small bead with wood bead. Make a knot at the bottom and the necklace is done!

Frankenstein necklace5

Our Frankenstein necklaces are ready to use! They don’t frighten anyone, or what do you think?Frankenstein necklace6 Frankenstein necklace7

Want to make more necklaces? Check out our doll face necklace we did a while ago.