Art & Craft supplies

Tips & Tricks – Look for craft supplies at flea markets


Buying crafting materials can be expensive and you need to be smart. Especially tools can be difficult to find at a good price. Our tip today is to look at the flea market. They often hold crochet hooks, embroidery yarns, scissors and rulers. Most second-hand stores have a special area with craft material. Take a moment and see what they have, it can pay off!

Tips & Tricks – Use trays

Use trays

Not everyone has a craft room or special place set aside for crafts, most will use, just like we do, the kitchen table. We rarely have time to finish our projects between meals and we’re constantly cleaning the table. To make it easier we use a couple of large trays. On them we put our half finished project and associated materials. The trays can then quickly be put away and brought out again when it’s time to continue.

Toilet Roll Crafts

TP rolls

We all have things we love to talk about. For me – it’s toilet rolls! Toilet rolls is not only a wonderful craft material, but also a good example of free craft supplies found in most homes. It’s for everyone! If you’re up for a lovely, simple and fun crafts session, get your toilet rolls out, gather some friends and I’ll show some of the things we love to make with toilet rolls!